Plugin & Samunnati Target to Access Weather Intelligence for Financial Aid

Plugin & Samunnati Target to Access Weather Intelligence for Financial Aid

Plugin and Samunnati integrate to open their services in weather intelligence. These companies will provide technical services to develop the agricultural industry.

The partnership allows analyzing crop insurance availability among smallholder farmers. Decentralized oracle platform Plugin and India’s open agri-network Samunnati have collaborated to bring synergies in weather intelligence.

The partnership helps expand the range of contemporary technical services available to the agricultural industry. Practically, both teams will apply their expertise via Plugin’s Weather Forecast Node (WFN) project.

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In detail, Plugin and Samunnati will implement the Plugin WFN project across the smallholder farmers’ landscape. Aggregated weather data will be integrated into Plugin’s data lake within the XDC ecosystem helping boost weather intelligence activities.

Significantly, Plugin’s WFN uses data collected and processed via registered weather stations/hyperlocal sensors placed across the globe. Data retrieved from these nodes are collected and processed at near-real-time speeds and pushed into Plugin’s data lake.

The decentralized application user interfaces (UI) make weather data come tagged with latitude and longitude coordinates. This helps provide cryptographic proof when uploading the data into Plugin’s

blockchain, enabling anyone to verify its provenance when developing smart contracts. Once weather data is recorded on PLI’s blockchain, its provenance information can’t be altered.Moreover, available additional filters help in drilling down weather 

data collected by PLI to the granular level. To expand, one can view weather data by searching for information on a specific country, state, or city.PLI conducts periodic checks at the registered weather station and guarantees the quality of recorded weather data.

Also, the providers of Plugin WFN’s data are compensated for providing accurate and actionable weather info. This helps optimize the data, making it useful for decision-making in different industries.

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Besides, the partnership allows analyzing crop insurance availability among smallholder farmers. Furthermore, the companies analyze how the aforementioned challenges can be handled during unforeseen and weather-related calamities.

Apart from the partnership, Plugin has also signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Samunnati that will see Samunnati onboarded as Master Node Operator on Plugin’s decentralized oracle network. - coinquora

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