Russia-Ukraine war took a dangerous turn - EconomyTody

Russia-Ukraine war took a dangerous turn - EconomyTody


In order for the situation to return to normal, sanity must prevail, and the annexation by Russia of four captured regions in Ukraine implies a dangerous escalation in the conflict.

We are extremely concerned about the dramatic shift in the Russia-Ukraine war following Russia's annexation of four seized regions of Ukraine. After several controversial referendums, President Vladimir Putin reportedly signed documents on Friday to legally start the process of merging Russian-controlled Luhansk and portions of Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia into the Russian Federation.

Moscow can now access the peninsula it annexed in 2014, Crimea, through a land bridge. While the annexation of Crimea was the first to occur in Europe following World War II, the most recent action is the largest annexation to date. Together, the five regions account for almost 20% of the Ukrainian area.

We strongly denounce the most recent annexation and creeping Russification of a sovereign nation. It goes without saying that it is against international law to change boundaries through force. It symbolizes the utmost foolishness of a war that is now in its eighth month and has shown to be harmful to even remote nations like Bangladesh.

The war's interruptions and the West's response, which included harsh financial, trade, and commercial sanctions, resulted in supply chain crises that had never before occurred in history. Numerous individuals have been murdered, hurt, and displaced locally.

Things are swiftly spiraling out of control as a result of the Ukrainian troops recovering previous victories, the mass mobilization of Russian forces as a reaction, the danger of using nuclear weapons, and other factors.

The irony of the most recent development is that during the Kremlin takeover ceremony, Putin attacked the "satanist" West's colonial heritage. He claimed that western colonists had carried out opium wars, committed genocide, and pillaged states.

There is no arguing with it. Does it, however, support his plan to "colonize" the world? He declared his intention to continue using all the resources at his disposal in the fight for a "larger historical Russia." Ukraine cannot lose that conflict and remain an independent state. The West, on the other hand, must watch out that it doesn't fuel it by ratcheting up tensions to the point where such harsh measures are justified.


The West has been a proactive, albeit unreliable, third party in this war up to this point, with its actions almost having as big of an impact on the world as the two combatants. It has occasionally provoked conflict instead of attempting to defuse it. Instead of targeting Russians and Russian interests, it has hurt people all across the world with its sanctions.

It is obvious that the military assistance to Ukraine and the economic sanctions on Russia are not having the expected impact, which further emphasizes the need for more sensible measures and approaches.

The international community should lay the groundwork for a de-escalation of hostilities, and we implore the Russian authorities to stop their destructive pursuit of Ukraine. There is no justification for carrying out this war or any illegal occupation of captured areas. To end this war, we implore all parties to work toward peaceful and diplomatic solutions.

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