What is an Initial Dex Offering?

What is an Initial Dex Offering?


The process of selling tokens early on decentralized exchanges for new crypto ventures is known as the initial decentralized offer (DEX). "IDO" stands for Initial Dex Offering.

Decentralized intermediary exchanges facilitate the sale of tokens by new blockchain enterprises. IDO is a frequent method for convincing people to invest in a cryptocurrency project.It functions similarly to an IPO, which is when shares are sold on the stock market.


IDO occurs in two stages:

Tokens can only be utilized by a select few persons. On average, each participant receives a "allocation" of $100 to $1,000, but this varies every project and could be more.

The beginning of a business. Tokens are created and placed in a pool where they can be sold. They can already be traded at this stage.

How does IDO work?

Putting tokens into action is significantly easier with the support of decentralized exchanges (DEX). The project team launches its coins on the platform of choice, and the exchange is already selling and transferring tokens.

People buy them, which contributes to the project's funding. The primary advantage of this kind of promotion for the developer is that it is automated.

Everything on DEX exchanges is automated with smart contracts, so the developer does not have to deal with each sell and purchase.

Here are some fundamental guidelines for how IDO operates:

The project is tested on the chosen DEX from the start, and only then can it be utilized for IDO. They will be unable to access IDO if the "exam" does not go smoothly.

Then they sell a predetermined amount of tokens for a predetermined price. Buyers lock their money, and the value of the assets they purchased is given to them.

People are given tokens when they have been created ( TGE ). To purchase, you must be on the list of verified investors (White paper).

Verification requires either a crypto wallet address or accomplishment of the project's tasks. The money from the sale of digital assets is distributed to the project team, less the money that goes into the liquidity pool.

After the tokens have been unlocked, they can be traded. Depending on the project, coins can be frozen for a few months or even a few years. The tokens are not liquid during the project's appeal to investors.

IDO participation

You will need the following to join IDO:

- Metamask or another bitcoin wallet in use;

- Enough funds in the appropriate stablecoin to purchase tokens and cover exchange fees;

- Establish a connection to the DApps.

Before you acquire tokens, make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the cost of transactions.

After connecting the DApp, you must follow the instructions, which may range significantly from exchange to exchange.

When a person purchases tokens, he or she is entitled to keep them. When the generation period is complete, the funds are sent to the crypto wallet.

Please keep in mind that the exchange terms state that assets may be locked for a period of time or staked. You should carefully read the instructions before consenting to the project's terms.

IDO's Security Measures

Any operation involving the purchase of assets involves risks. This is especially true when using real money to purchase virtual tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You must do exactly what is stated.

To stay safe in IDO, observe these rules:

- Follow the link to sign up. When scammers wish to transfer money to a project, they may present a bogus link. If you utilize it, the money will be directed to the attackers rather than the platform. This means you can disregard tokens. Look for unusual redirection.

- Consider what you want to say. Project ideas are typically placed on well-known, popular exchanges, however they are not always available.

- Don't invest until you've thoroughly researched the project. All information regarding the founder and his crew should be thoroughly reviewed. Most profitable ventures are created by professionals who have done it previously.

- Pay special attention to the definitions. Tokens may be blocked for an extended period of time based on the exchange's restrictions. You must be aware of what to expect ahead of time.

- Mentally say good-by to the sum invested. The most fundamental rule of investing is to only invest money that you are willing to lose if something goes wrong. IDO is not a method of making money where you must invest money. Not because it was a scam, but because repayment took so long.

What will become of IDO?

The guidelines for decentralized initial public offerings are constantly evolving. New trading methods are on the horizon. The IDO (Initial Farm Offer) scheme is as well-known as the IFO (Initial Farm Offer).

The most significant issue with IDO is that assets must be frozen before they can be released into the pool. So, after a period, you can only make money using tokens.

The number of persons who participate in the deal affects how many digital coins the investor receives in the end. Basic and unlimited sales are offered as new functions to attract large investors.

IDO is currently one of the most popular ways to raise funds for a project, and it is expected that it will grow much more popular and better in the future.

The benefits of IDO

- There are several advantages to using this strategy to obtain investments:

- Investors and developers do not collaborate directly. Instead, they work through an exchange, so the investor does not have to trust the project's smart contracts.

- A portion of the funds raised are invested in pools, ensuring that there will be a market for trading tokens after the sale.

- You do not need to provide any personal information to make a transaction; all you need is an active crypto wallet. Anyone is welcome to utilize the project.

- At first, little-known tokens may attract investors, but doing so through large, centralized exchanges may be difficult.

- IDOs allow you to purchase a limited quantity of tokens, allowing more individuals to invest in the project. This reduces the hazards.

The dangers of IDO

- Among the negative aspects of the IDO scheme, the following stand out:

- Inadequate good protection. Everyone is welcome to participate in the initiative. There is no certainty that IDO will not be used to launder money or commit other illicit acts.

- There is no evidence. It is easier to spread tokens with low ratings through initial decentralized offerings.

IDO and launchpads (launch pads). Should you invest in launchpad tokens?

People can invest in new crypto startups through Launchpad. Tokens can be launched, developed, and upgraded with the help of funds raised.

The most significant function of platforms is to unite investors and blockchain engineers into a single crypto community.

When consumers invest in digital assets, they want to get a good deal on virtual currency. To safeguard investors from fraud, the project must be thoroughly reviewed before it is published.

The greater the requirements for crypto projects, the more popular and large the launchpad. Simultaneously, the majority of online IDOs are simply scams, and the number of these projects is increasing all the time.

A lot of information must be considered while selecting a decent IDO. Doing your own research is the greatest way to avoid a scam (DYOR). After careful consideration, the decision should be based on objective criteria.

The simultaneous launch of a project on two major platforms is a good indicator. It makes no difference which launchpad is used in this scenario.

Investors. Make sure to research the investors and, if at all possible, only trust those on the so-called "white list."

Terms. It is critical to pay close attention to the project's tokenomics. Some proposals, for example, claim that you can obtain assets in a matter of years. Long-term investments in tiny projects are dangerous in a fast-changing world. You should always consider whether the game is worthwhile.

It is not a good idea for a newbie to embark on a project if it is not displayed on trusted platforms and no investors from the Whitelist are participating.

You may learn about tokenomics by looking at the most successful projects. You can try more riskier launches once you've mastered the details, but only after conducting a thorough objective analysis.

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