April 2022's Best Stock Brokers & Trading Platforms

April 2022's Best Stock Brokers & Trading Platforms

One of the most difficult decisions you'll make as an investor is selecting the correct internet broker. Finding a broker who fits all of your needs might be difficult with such a big and expanding range of possibilities.  

The brokerage sector has transformed substantially over the last two decades, good news for average investors. To purchase a stock, you used to contact a stockbroker, who would make the order on your behalf. This was a time-consuming and costly procedure.

Most investors now use online stock brokers to purchase and sell equities. And there has never been more rivalry among the finest online stock brokers.

Here is a list of the finest trading platforms and what you should look for:

  1. Merrill 
  2. SoFi
  3. Robinhood 
  4. E-Trade
  5. Ameritrade
  6. Webull
  7. Charles Schwab Corporation
  8. Fidelity Investments
  9. Interactive Brokers
  10. Vanguard



Merrill Edge is an electronic trading platform provided by BofA Securities, part of Bank of America's retail banking division. It was launched on June 21, 2010.

Merrill Edge was formed by combining the research, investment tools, and contact center counsel of Bank of America Online Investing (Quick & Reilly) and Merrill Lynch. Merrill Edge had 500,000 Bank of America customers when it first opened its doors. In 2015, the service had $118 billion in assets under management from two million customers and 2,500 advisers working in bank branches and contact centers. The firm targets investors with up to $250,000 in investable assets. Back Top ⇒



SoFi Technologies, Inc. (now known as SoFi and the parent company of Social Finance, Inc.) is an online personal finance company based in the United States. SoFi, based in San Francisco, offers a variety of financial services such as student and auto loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, investing, and banking via mobile and desktop apps.

SoFi started as an alumni-funded lending strategy, connecting students and recent graduates with alumni and institutional investors through school-specific student loan funds. By focusing on low-risk students and graduates, the firm hoped to reduce defaults. Investors gained a profit, and borrowers obtained lower interest rates than those offered by the federal government.

SoFi moved away from an alumni-funded strategy and toward a non-traditional underwriting method centered on lending to financially responsible individuals. Its product offerings included mortgages, home refinancing, and personal loans. 

They also provide cash management (checking) accounts and an investment platform with brokerage and Robo-advisor services. Back Top ⇒



Robinhood Markets, Inc. is an American financial services firm based in Menlo Park, California, that is most known for pioneering commission-free stock, ETF, and cryptocurrency trading with a mobile app launched in March 2015. Robinhood is a FINRA-regulated broker-dealer that is also a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. It is also registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Interest gained on customers' cash balances, selling order information to high-frequency traders (a practice for which the SEC started an investigation into the company in September 2020), and margin lending are the three main sources of revenue for the company. Robinhood has 31 million users and 1.6 million people on its cryptocurrency wallet waitlist as of 2021. Back Top ⇒



E-Trade Financial Corporation (abbreviated as E*TRADE) is a financial services firm that provides an electronic trading platform for financial assets such as common stocks, preferred stocks, futures contracts, exchange-traded funds, options, mutual funds, and fixed-income investments. 

Employee stock ownership programs, student loan benefit administration, adviser services, margin lending, internet banking, and cash management services are among its services. Interest income on margin balances, commissions for order execution, payment for order flow, and management services are all sources of revenue for the organization. The business has 30 branches. Back Top ⇒



TD Ameritrade is an electronic trading platform that allows customers to trade financial assets such as common stocks, preferred stocks, futures contracts, exchange-traded funds, currencies, options, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, fixed income investments, margin lending, and cash management. Interest income on margin balances, fees for order execution, and payment for order flow are all sources of revenue for the organization. By 2023, the firm will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles Schwab Corporation, and its services and accounts will be linked with Schwab's. The company's activities are being relocated to Schwab's headquarters in Westlake, Texas.

Ameritrade, the company's original name, was created in 1971. It was renamed TD Ameritrade after acquiring the US business of TD Waterhouse from Toronto-Dominion Bank in 2006. Charles Schwab Corporation purchased it in 2020. Back Top ⇒



Webull Financial LLC (Chinese: 微牛证券) provides a commission-free electronic trading platform for stocks, exchange traded funds, options, margins, and cryptocurrencies, which is accessible by mobile app and desktop computer.

Fumi Technology, a Chinese holding company with financing from Xiaomi, Shunwei Capital, and other private equity investors in China, owns Webull.

The Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty signed a global multi-year deal with Webull in September 2021. The international rights will be used by Webull Corporation, Webull's parent business, to expand their global reach. The terms of the jersey patch deal were not disclosed, but sources close to the situation informed CNBC that it is a multiyear deal worth around $30 million per year to the Nets. Back Top ⇒


Charles Schwab Corporation

The Charles Schwab Corporation is a worldwide financial services firm based in the United States. It provides retail and institutional clients with banking, commercial banking, investment, and related services such as consultancy and wealth management advisory services. 

Charles Schwab Corporation has more than 360 locations, mostly in financial hubs in the United States and the United Kingdom. With about US$ 8.5 trillion in client assets, it is the 7th largest banking institution in the United States. As of February 7, 2022, it had 29.0 million active brokerage accounts, 2.1 million members in corporate retirement plans, 1.5 million banking accounts, and $8.5 trillion in client assets. Its headquarters are in Westlake, Texas, and it was started in San Francisco, California. Back Top ⇒


Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments Inc., or Fidelity, is an American international financial services firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was previously known as Fidelity Management & Research or FMR. The company was founded in 1946 and is now one of the world's largest asset managers, with $4.5 trillion in assets under management and $11.8 trillion in assets under administration as of December 2021. Fidelity Investments is a brokerage firm that offers fund distribution and financial advice, as well as retirement services, index funds, wealth management, cryptocurrency, securities execution and clearance, asset custody, and life insurance. Back Top ⇒


Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers LLC (IB) is an international brokerage firm based in the United States. It runs the United States' largest electronic trading platform in terms of daily average revenue trades. Stocks, options, futures, EFPs, futures options, FX, bonds, and mutual funds are all traded by the firm.

The corporation has offices in four cities, with its headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut. It is the largest subsidiary of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., a brokerage firm founded by Chairman Thomas Peterffy, an early computer-assisted trading pioneer. The Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the New York Stock Exchange, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the National Futures Association, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and other self-regulatory bodies all have jurisdiction over IB.

The firm offers fully disclosed, omnibus, and non-disclosed broker accounts, as well as correspondent clearing services to 200 introducing brokers throughout the world. The firm manages 607,000 client brokerage accounts with a total value of $128.4 billion. The Interactive Brokers Group controls 40% of the OneChicago futures exchange and is a founding partner and equity partner of the Boston Options Exchange. Back Top ⇒



The Vanguard Group, Inc., based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is an American registered investment advisor with about $7 trillion in global assets under administration as of January 13, 2021. It is the world's largest mutual fund provider and the world's second-largest provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) after BlackRock's iShares. Vanguard also provides brokerage services, variable and fixed annuities, educational account services, financial planning, asset management, and trust services in addition to mutual funds and ETFs. Several Vanguard mutual funds are near the top of the list of US mutual funds in terms of assets under management. Vanguard is one of the Big Three index fund managers that dominate corporate America, alongside BlackRock and State Street. 

Founder and former chairman John C. Bogle is credited with creating the first index fund available to individual investors and was a proponent and major enabler of low-cost investing by individuals, though Rex Sinquefield is credited with creating the first index fund available to the public a few years before Bogle. Back Top ⇒

What is the best way to choose a stockbroker?

Your demands will determine which online brokerage account is ideal for you.

Here are a couple of things to consider about:

  • If you're a first-time investor with only a few hundred dollars to invest, you'll want to seek a broker who doesn't have a minimum investment restriction.
  • You generally don't need a full-featured trading platform if you only want to buy and keep stocks.
  • If you want to trade bonds or stock options, or if you prefer to trade over the phone rather than online, examine the fees charged by the finest stock brokers.
  • If you primarily want to purchase mutual funds, you should seek the most OK mutual fund broker since these brokerage accounts provide minimal to no fees on mutual fund purchases and sales.

I hope this list of stock brokers and trading platforms, as well as the advice above, helps you in finding your ideal brokerage and trading platform.

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