XM Fulfils Ill Children’s Dreams in South Africa | EconomyTody

XM Fulfils Ill Children’s Dreams in South Africa | EconomyTody

We recently reached out to the Reach for a Dream Foundation in South Africa to help them help children with life-threatening illnesses like cancer or brain tumors.

Together, we came up with the idea to pick two kids each month and talk about their dreams, which would make their day a little brighter.

We got in touch with two brave people this summer, Akhule, who has B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and Senamile, who has osteosarcoma, and asked them what would make them smile.

Akhule Zondi, 4 years old

Akhule is a quiet boy with the most beautiful smile. He loves spending time with his parents and his twin sister, Aphile. Akhule also likes to play games on his mom's cell phone.

So it wasn't hard to think of a way to make his day better. We got him a bubble-gum tablet, and when he held it for the first time, his eyes lit up.

Even when we went out for pizza with the boy and his family, he kept playing with it. Pizza is his favorite food, and we could see how happy it made his little heart while we were out having fun

Senamile Nosihle Luthuli, 14 years old

Senamile is a talkative young woman who loves making clothes, drawing, and taking pictures. She talks to her friends and takes pictures with her mom's phone when she has free time, so having her own phone has been a longtime goal of hers.

When she came to meet us, we gave her a teddy bear, a blanket, a notebook, and a hat from Reach for a Dream. Senamile was so thankful and thought that was it, but we surprised her with a brand-new cell phone. 

Senamile was so shocked that she was speechless for a minute. But that wasn't the end of the shocks! We went out with her and her family.

She loves being outside, which she missed a lot after getting out of the hospital and staying at home most of the time.

If you want to help more kids with health problems or know a kid who could benefit from the Reach for a Dream Foundation's program, you can do either.

A Brif Overview Of XM

XM which is specifically known for being a parent company of Trading Point Holding was fabricated back in 2009 and since then it's been operating globally as a Forex and CFD brokerage company.  

And as for XM global, it was founded later than expected making its way in between late 2017 which is regulated by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) under the license number of (000261/106).  

Later on, the brokerage also got regulated with 3 other regulatory bodies (ASIC and CySEC) making it one of the most secure brokerages operating at the current time. 

Moving on, XM global contains more than 1.5 million traders across 196 countries. Besides being fair is the main ethic of XM and that's the primary reason, the broker gets praised by numerous retail market traders.


Trading Conditions

XM offers 5 types of trading accounts to the retail market traders which go as follows: Micro, Standard, XM zero, XM ultra-low finally it's the XM share accounts. Let's get a brief overview on this: 

First of all, the Micro accounts are more of a GO-TO platform for the new traders as it requires a deposit amount of only $5.

Don't let that amount distract you from anything because you'll be able to trade on all the base currencies including AUD, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, EUR, PLN, and HUF.

Note: Just so you know, 1 micro lot = 1,000 units of the base currency. 

In the same way, Standard accounts also offer all the base currencies similar to micro accounts and the deposit amount is also $5.

The only difference is in the standard accounts, 1 standard lot = 100,000 units of the base currency.

Moving on, the Zero accounts require a minimum deposit amount of $10 and the base currencies are USD, EUR, and JPY. The standard lot of zero accounts are also similar to standard accounts. 

And in the Ultra-low accounts, the minimum required amount is $50 where USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, SGD, ZAR are the base currencies. The standard lot is also similar to standard accounts. 

Note: XM ultra-low accounts are only available to certain trading groups.

That's not even all!

XM also offers share trading accounts along with swap-free trading accounts. The share accounts require a minimum deposit amount of $10,000 and the standard lot is similar to micro-accounts.

But the share accounts only allow you to trade on USD as a base currency. 

As per the trading leverage, well it can vary from 2:1 to 30:1 pretty quickly which obviously depends on the trading instrument and the average spread is 0.1 pips on EUR/USD. Apart from this, XM offers a market execution process rather than instant execution



XM renders an ultra-wide range of trading instruments to its users as they are committed that way to providing all the possible trading assets to the retail market traders.

And in order to execute that initiative properly, they are giving access to: 

Forex: More than 57 currency pairs including the exotic ones. 

Metals: Availability of precious metals including gold and silver.

Energies: You'll be able to trade on energies like Brent crude oil, GSOIL, NGAS, OILMn. 

Commodities: You'll be eligible to trade on 15 commodity stocks. 

Stocks: You'll be able to experience up to 28 major company shares along with 1240 stock CFDs. 

Indices: You'll be able to trade on a wide range of indexes including the HUGELY popular ones.

Note: Due to diverse legal statics FBS doesn't allow any traders to trade on cryptocurrencies especially BTC.

Bonus & Promotion

Like all the regulated brokers who don't hesitate to provide any sorts of trading bonuses, XM also renders wholesome trading bonuses. 

The bonuses kinda look like this:

Source: XM.com

$30 No deposit bonus: No deposit bonus is a one-time thing that a brokerage provides to its clients while registering an account with them.

As for XM, they proffer a welcome bonus of $30 if you open an account with them.  

 Along with that, XM also offers a loyalty bonus along with a referral trading bonus which is also applicable to all retail market traders. 

But keep in mind that standard conditions may involve while applying for the trading bonuses.


Research & Education

Forex education materials are a great way to navigate this unstable and volatile trading industry. 

As it can help you to stay up to date with a lot of things. Respecting the significance of educational materials, XM is committed to providing an effective and diverse learning center.

You'll find numerous webinars, blog posts, analyses, trading tips, guidebooks, video tutorials, and whatnot! It is well organized and also made using a user-friendly perspective.

So, the beginners could get a hold of everything that's been going on! 

That's not all, for exclusive research purposes, you'll be given access to Forex calculators along with economic calendars.

XM provides a prosperous trading atmosphere. If you still have concerns, check out the XM Review 2022.

I wish you everyone success in their trading.

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